Tour Blx Tennis Racquet

Tour Blx Tennis Racquet

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  • Wilson Tour BLX 103 OS (1/4) (Blx Racquet Tour Tennis) BUY NOW

    Wilson Tour BLX 103 OS (1/4)

    Wilson updates the Five 103 with Amplifeel 360 technology to give this racquet an even cleaner feel at impact. With its head heavy balance, this racquet delivers the stability and power found in Wilson's old Hammer racquet line. Blending a useful combination of power and control, the Five 103 makes a great choice for the stronger beginner through intermediate player.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Wilson
  • ASIN: B071LBNHS5
  • UPC: 887768589547
  • Wilson Tour BLX Squash Racquet (Racquet Tennis Blx Tour) BUY NOW

    Wilson Tour BLX Squash

    The Wilson Tour BLX Squash Racquet is the choice of a new generation of powerful squash players.  The Tour BLX offers up the pace and precision needed to penetrate the court from any position. Peter Barker's racket of choice.

  • Brand: Wilson
  • UPC: 887768261870
  • Wilson Tour BLX 103 Midplus Tennis Raquet Size 3 (4 3/8, Black/Green) (Racquet Tour Tennis Blx) BUY NOW

    Wilson Tour BLX 103 Midplus Tennis Raquet Size 3 (4 3/8,

    The Wilson Tour BLX 103 Tennis Racket offers both power and comfort, bringing your game to the next level. It is ultra light-weight and easy to manoeuvre, making it ideal for players who want a traditional feeling racket with maximum power, spin, and control. The mid plus head size and comfortable balance grip give an enhanced feel allowing players to develop consistency in their shots. Wilson uses unique BLX technology, where basalt, a natural volcanic rock, is crafted into fine gold fibres providing incredible vibration resistance. This technology is woven into the Wilson Tour BLX 103 Tennis Racket longitudinally with karophite black to create an advanced composite structure. The basalt provides a smoother signal reaching the hand, allowing for clean feedback, while the flat beam technology provides greater stability. An exceptional 103 inches² (665 cm²) head size racket provides precision and the 16 x 20 string pattern (16 main and 20 cross strings) allows more movement creating extra spin on the ball from anywhere on the court. Includes Free Vibration Dampener and Overgrip in addition to the racquet and racquet cover. Features: BLX technology - Basalt carbon fibre composite Cushion Aire grip Full length cover included with carry strap Head Size: 103 inches2 / 665 cm2 Grip...

  • Color: Black/Green
  • Brand: Wilson
  • ASIN: B0754ZFMD4
  • UPC: 887768589363
  • Wilson Tour 138 BLX Squash Racket (Tennis Tour Blx Racquet) BUY NOW

    Wilson Tour 138 BLX Squash

    Head Size: 72.4in2 (467cm2); Frame Weight: 138g (5.1oz); Balance: 360mm (Head Heavy);Length: 27'' (686mm); Strung with Sensation Strike 17 String; String Pattern: 14x18;Construction: Full BLX Graphite; Grip: Extra Tack; 3/4 Cover Included

  • Brand: Wilson
  • UPC: 887768342104
  • Tour BLX 95 Replacement Bumper and Grommet (Tour Tennis Racquet Blx) BUY NOW

    Tour BLX 95 Replacement Bumper and

    Wilson Tour BLX 95 replacement bumper and grommet. Stock#WRG700600

  • Color: Black
  • ASIN: B0057IAED8
  • UPC: 883813531301
  • Wilson BLX Pro Tour 96 Bumper Guard and Grommet Set (Tennis Racquet Tour Blx) BUY NOW

    Wilson BLX Pro Tour 96 Bumper Guard and Grommet

    This is a complete set of grommets (top bumper guard, side strips and throat piece) for the Wilson BLX Pro Tour 96 tennis racquet

  • Brand: Wilson
  • ASIN: B0042AIFCE
  • UPC: 883813530977

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