Turquoise Ghau Box

Turquoise Ghau Box

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  • Huge Tibetan Turquoise Coral Gemstone Golden Elephant GOD Ganesh Ganesha Ghau Prayer Box Amulet Pendant (Ghau Box Turquoise) BUY NOW

    Huge Tibetan Turquoise Coral Gemstone Golden Elephant GOD Ganesh Ganesha Ghau Prayer Box Amulet

    Ghau or the Prayer box is a small box type pendant to keep small sacred items, such as Turquoise (to ward off evil), lection or Tibetan incense etc. Traditionally, Tibetans use these Ghau as portable shrines where prayers and sacred relics are kept. Now, "prayer box" pendants are often used as jewelry or personal adornment. It features : All handmade by the local craftsmen of Kathmandu Nepal in vintage style - Front side beautifully decorated with the sculpt of Lord Ganesh Ganesha in hollow design, with three dust genuine red coral or Turquoise beads over the head of the God Ganesh, and two genuine dust beads underneath - Plain back side which can be opened as a box (empty inside), for the size around 36 * 8 (diameter * depth). Tibetans often use the box to keep sacred prayer books - Tibetan silver as the main material, with kind of gold colored front! - Huge size of its kind, roughly 54 * 40 mm (height * width) with the bale, over 2 inches in height!

  • Brand: New Age Jewelry
  • ASIN: B074HT4RQD
  • 1 Pendant - Ethnic Tibetan silver Ghau prayer box spiral design pendant with turquoise inlay - PM426 (Turquoise Box Ghau) BUY NOW

    1 Pendant - Ethnic Tibetan silver Ghau prayer box spiral design pendant with turquoise inlay -

    Ethnic Tibetan silver prayer box ghau pendant . Round shape with turquoise inlay and spiral filigree work . Intricately designed beautiful ghau box pendant - all handmade in Nepal . Box opens like a lid box from bottom. SIZE - Approx 40 - 41 mm height (including the bail) x 33 - 34 mm wide Quantity - 1 pendant Style - PM426 Since these are handmade there may be slight variations between each piece. This listing is for one Ghau pendant.

  • Brand: BeadsofNepal
  • ASIN: B01ATC7TS4
  • Remembering Tibetan Refugees Amulet (Turquoise Ghau Box) BUY NOW

    Remembering Tibetan Refugees

    Turquoise, red coral, naga conch shell beads. Bone, bodhi seed & Burma carved bone mala, Carnelian & Agate beads. In the early days the Bonpo religion had the power to curse. Once it merged with Buddhism, casting curses on others was considered harming them, the scriptures that concerned casting curses were burned. Now-a-days the custom of casting curses on others is absent in Bonpo religion. Instead of the mani prayer Buddhists recite, the Bonpos recite the mati, which goes, Om mati miyu sane dhue. That is the initial prayer for the well-being of all the sentient beings, not just human beings, including insects & those living in the waters. It believes that every being in the realm is equal. Bonpos call the 4 sects of Buddhism as Bhendhe. Actually, these were the 2 religions of olden Tibet. If one were to study Bon religion deeply, one will find different sects like Sarma, Nyingma, Shakya & Gelug. These were similar to Buddhism. It happened a long time ago, about 700 years back during the time of Nyamin Sherap Gyaltsen. He was the second Bon Buddha. There were other Buddhas & Nyamin Sherap Gyaltsen was the second Buddha. During his time & Shen Nyima Gyaltsen of the Shen Dhardheling Monastery whose lineage is the present Sakya Ghongma Rinpoche, the scriptures containing the curse...

  • Brand: Dakini Designs
  • ASIN: B005WXACQ2
  • Remembering Tibetan Refugees Amulet (Box Turquoise Ghau) BUY NOW

    Remembering Tibetan Refugees

    I lived in Hor Barchay Zong, a village 1,000 years old. It is said that 7 people called Hor Achay Thowa Chapdhun arrived at the place. There is a legend during the time of King Gesar called the Hor & Ling. The Hors originally came from Mongolia; a country that enjoys independence & made long-life offering to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. His Holiness calls it the Chenpo Hor's country. They hunted animals & finally settled at Hor Barchay 1,000 years ago. There were 2 lamas with the lineage of Sirshoe & Patsong. The king came from the lineage of Shenpa. The king had 4 ministers of the ministerial lineage, Lhargye, Tsongtsa, Gyumar-of which I am a descendent & Tsakha, so there were 7 men in that way. They multiplied & presently the 16 divisions have around 20,000 to 30,000 people. That was how it was in the village at the time the invaders arrived. 90 percent of the people were followers of the Bon. We tell the same stories as the Tibetans that the ancestor mother was a monkey & the father Damse. It is said that the Tibetan religion originated from the Bon. A story goes that at that time there were human beings in Tibet, but they were like demons who knew no religion. So the Tibetan religion began in the land of the demons & vanquished all the demons. The religion at that time had to...

  • Brand: Dakini Designs
  • ASIN: B005VXF7IG

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