Ty Girlz World

Ty Girlz World

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  • Ty Girlz--Dazzlin Destiny (Girlz Ty World) BUY NOW

    Ty Girlz--Dazzlin Destiny

    Ty Girlz--Dazzlin Destiny Cute Girlz with Brown Jacket and Jeans !! Each Girlz doll comes with a Secret code which takes you to the world of Girlz Online World of Chat, Games and shopping ! 100 % Lead Free !! A Great Gift for girls !!

  • Brand: Ty
  • ASIN: B000PBHM5K
  • UPC: 008421022052
  • Sweet Sammi--TY Girlz (World Ty Girlz) BUY NOW

    Sweet Sammi--TY Girlz

    Like peaches and cream, that's our Sweet Sammi!

  • Brand: Ty Sweet Sammi - Girlz
  • ASIN: B001392B4A
  • UPC: 008421022182
  • TY Girlz Amazing Abby (Girlz World Ty) BUY NOW

    TY Girlz Amazing Abby

  • Brand: TY Girlz
  • ASIN: B001PD001K
  • UPC: 008421022281
  • Ty Girlz--Lovely Lola (Girlz World Ty) BUY NOW

    Ty Girlz--Lovely Lola

    From the Ty Girlz Collection. Mint with mint tags (with heart & tush tags). Approximate size: 14 inches. TY GIRLZ are brand new online interactive dolls. Each doll comes with its own unique code inside the hang tag. This code allows you to enter the Ty Girlz virtual world website where you can interact with other owners of TY Girlz. TY Girlz come with unique outfits, very cool accessories and hair that feels so real you won't be able to stop styling it. INFORMATION PROVIDED BY TY: Lovely Lola is here to show you that blondes really do have more fun. She's decks out in a fluffy pink jacket with a white belly shirt underneath. And we can't forget to mention her pink leggings and matching high heels

  • Brand: Ty
  • UPC: 008421022045
  • Ty Girlz--Sizzlin' Sue (World Ty Girlz) BUY NOW

    Ty Girlz--Sizzlin' Sue

    Pink, pink and more pink! Sizzlin' Sue knows what color she looks best in and she's not afraid to show the world.

  • Brand: Ty
  • UPC: 008421022014
  • Ty Girlz--Totally Trish (Girlz Ty World) BUY NOW

    Ty Girlz--Totally Trish

    Ty Girlz--Totally Trish

  • Brand: Ty
  • ASIN: B000XEZ3DW
  • UPC: 008421022137
  • Happy Hillary--TY Girlz (Girlz Ty World) BUY NOW

    Happy Hillary--TY Girlz

    Just like the girl next door, here's Happy Hillary!

  • Brand: Ty Happy Hillary - Girlz
  • ASIN: B00139085O
  • UPC: 008421022168
  • Ty Girlz--Lucky Lindsay (World Girlz Ty) BUY NOW

    Ty Girlz--Lucky Lindsay

    Ty Girlz--Lucky Lindsay

  • Brand: Ty
  • UPC: 008421022120
  • TY Guyz Totally Troy (Ty Girlz World) BUY NOW

    TY Guyz Totally Troy

    Check out Totally Troy. This TyGuy is totallyFeatures include: •Each Ty Guyz comes with an individual scratch-off secret code that unlocks a virtual world•Look for the familiar heart-shaped tag that means you've purchased an authentic Ty product•Collect them all

  • Brand: Ty Guyz Totally Troy
  • ASIN: B001RIYRY4
  • UPC: 008421024018
  • TY Girlz Hip Hannah (Ty Girlz World) BUY NOW

    TY Girlz Hip Hannah

  • Brand: Ty Girlz Hip Hannah
  • ASIN: B001JAO9RU
  • UPC: 008421022243

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